These publications are available at the Spokane Public Library Northwest Room, the Museum of Arts and Culture and Gonzaga University archives. They are also available at these Libraries and Universities.  

Vol 1 Issue 1The Literature of the Custer Fight                                               Dr. Edgar I. Stuart5.00

The Steptoe DisasterJohn Kelley
Vol 1 Issue 2The Hudson's Bay Archives in LondonRev. William I. Davis S.J.5.00

Spokane's Lively Growing YearsJohn Segesman
Vol 1 Issue 3First Law in the TerritoryCharles F. Scanian5.00
Vol 1 Issue 4The Epidemic on the Lower ColumbiaDr. Edward R. Hodgson

Frontier Journalism in MontanaThomas Teakle
Vol 2 Issue 1Mullan's Axe and Shovel LPassageJoe Baily5.00

Government Comes to OregonJudge Ralph Edgerton

Lively Livestock IncidentsCharles C. Glover
Vol 2 Issue 2Idaho--fur Trader CrossroadsFrederick A. Mark5.00

Southern Idaho VigilantismLowell H. Boyd
Vol 2 Issue 3Terror in the East PalouseHarold R. Boyd5.00

Governor Stevens Had What It TakesThomas Malott

Steptoe's Day of BattleWaldo E. Rosebush
Vol 2 Issue 4Wister and the VirginianGeorge T. Watkins5.00

Northwest First Aid DoctorDr. C. P. Schlicke
Vol 3 Issue 1The Death of Sitting BullEdwin Poole5.00

James Jerome HillJoel E. Ferris

Francis Arthur GarrechtBenjamin H. Kizer
Vol 3 Issue 2Lumbering Moves WestArlie D. Decker5.00

If It Isn't Fatal It's FunnyRobert H. Miller
Vol 3 Issue 3NW Botanical ExplorerWilliam T. McLaughlin5.00

Recent Northwest BooksRev. William Davis, SJ

The Court of Judge Issak ParkerJerome Peltier
Vol 3 Issue 4Keeping Alive on the TrailDr. Alexander Swantz5.00

The Salmon River MissionDr. Hampton H. Trayer

Ben Snipes, Northwest Cattle KingRoscoe Sheller
Vol 4 Issue 1The Hercules and the Lady FawsbyCharles R. Stark Jr.5.00

Fifty Years Among the Dumb AnimalsRobert M. Showacre
Vol 4 Issue 2Spokane Falls and the NorthernJohn R. Fahey5.00

The Story of Old RubyJohn M. O'Brien, Jr.
Vol 4 Issue 3The Sign Said: Road to OregonWilliam Powell5.00

Northwest Indian TreatiesHarvey Erickson
Vol 5 Issue 1In Memorium of Joel E. FerrisJ. B.5.00

Pioneer Days in Illinois and CaliforniaJoel E. Ferris

Petticoats in New Albion (concluded)Carl P. Schlicks, MD
Vol 5 Issue 2Johnson County WarGeorge t. Watkins III5.00

Grandfather Sought OpportunityCecil Hagen
Vol 5 Issue 3Neglected Spokane HouseJerome A. Peltier5.00

The "War" in the Coeur d'AlenesCharles Chandler
Vol 5 Issue 4Our Biggest Little WarRalph P. Edgerton5.00

Chief Joseph and his Nez PercesLowell C. Bradford
Vol 6 Issue 1The Pioneer LawyerBenjamin H. Kizer5.00

Rossland CampElsie G. Turnbull

Oregon, a Sketch (Hampshire Gazette (3/28/1843)Hampshire Gazette, 
Vol 6 Issue 2The Buffalo HumpJohn R. Fahey5.00

The Will Rogers I KnewFranl Lilly

Old PosieW.A. Rockie
Vol 6 Issue 3Upper Columbia SteamboatingJohn M. O'Brien, Jr.5.00

Crossing the Bay at Columbia's MouthWilmer H. Siegert
Vol 6 Issue 4More Than Gold in Them HillsArthur E. Victor5.00
Vol 7 Issue 1The Genesis of the Spokane CountyThomas Teakle5.00

Spokane GarryThomas E. Jessett
Vol 7 Issue 2The Magruder MurderJoe Baily5.00
Vol 7 Issue 3The Idaho Fire of 1910Julian S. Marshall5.00

The LeRoi Mine and SmelterRussell D. Bowers
Vol 7 Issue 4The Retirement of Daniel CorbinJohn R. Fahey5.00

Pinkney City, Washington TerritoryJerome A. Peltier
Vol 8 Issue 1Charbono's "Squar"Edwin A. Poole5.00

Wheat in the NorthwestJames W. Abel
Vol 8 Issues 2The Cariboo Trail to BarkervilleRev. Theodore Bradley, SJ5.00

Wheat in the Northwest (concluded)James W. Abel
Vol 8 Issue 3The Great River of the WestCecil Hagen5.00

The Montana SalishDonald C. Scott
Vol 8 Issue 4Montana VigilantismRalph P. Edgerton5.00

Inland Empire Russia GermansHam H. Schlamer
Vol 9 Issue 1Chief Moses of the SpokanesJohn P. Esvelt5.00

The Ward MassacreJerome A. Peltier
Vol 9 Issue 2Spokane's Oldest BankRalph R. Raid5.00

Michael M. CowleyBenjamin H. Kitzer
Vol 9 Issue 3The May View TramwayArthur Earl Victor5.00
Vol 9 Issue 4Pierre Jean DeSmet, S.J.Rev. W.L. Davis S.J.5.00

Jokers WildDan C. Davis, Jr
Vol 10 Issue 1The Line That Changed New AlbionWilliam J. Powell5.00

Life At Spokane House 153 Years AgoRoss Cox
Vol 10 Issue 2The American IndianRoy A. Redfield5.00

Educational Pioneering in the Pacific NorthwestHarvey Erickson
Vol 10 Issue 3Searching For the Lost AnianLeonard Pearson5.00

Survival in Pioneer DaysEugene H. Wyborney M.D.
Vol 10 Issue 4Revolution in WashingtonPeter Wyman5.00

Mrs. Elizabeth Gurley FlynnBenjamin J. Kizer

Survival in Pioneer Days (concluded)Eugene H. Wyborney M.D.
Vol 11 Issue 1Nez Perces in YellowstoneJoe Baily5.00

D.C. Corbin and SpokaneRev. W.L. Davis S.J.
Vol 11 Issue 2Sleeping Beauty's CastleCharles F. Scanlan5.00

The Hutton Settlement: Mr.&Mrs. L. W. HuttonIvan Pearson
Vol 11 Issue 3The Hutton Settlement (concludedIvan Pearson5.00
Vol 11 Issue 4The Harders of the Big BendHarm Schlomer, PhD5.00

Mrs. Annie Harder Comes to AmericaAnnie Harder
Vol 12 Issue 1The Indian War "GI"Gene L. Conklin5.00

Wilderness KingdomNicholas Frost, S.J.

Historical DiscoveryGregory R. Sanford
Vol 12 Issue 2Chief TimothyJulian S.. Marshall5.00

Historical Discovery (concluded)Gregory R. Sanford

The McLouglin Massacre Jack M. O'Brien Jr.
Vol 12 Issue 3Highlights of Fort VancouverLowell C. Brandford5.00

The McLouglin Massacre (concluded)Jack M. O'Brien Jr.
Vol 12 Issue 4Cashup DavisRandall A. Johnson5.00

The Story of a Quarter Section Arthur E. Victor
Vol 13 Issue 1Ranald Macdonald AdventurerRalph P. Edgerton5.00

The Story of a Quarter Section (concluded)Arthur E. Victor
Vol 13 Issue 2George Wright's Early YearsCarl Schlicke, M.D.5.00

An Old-Fashioned ElectionArthur E. & Oscar Victor
Vol 13 Issue 3I'll Take It If It's LegalWilliam J. Powell5.00

George Wright's Early Years (concluded)Carl Schlicke, M.D.
Vol 13 Issue 4Thomas CondonThomas Teakle5.00

I'll Take It If It's Legal (concluded)William J. Powell
Vol 14 Issue 1Wild Goose Bill and His FerryJohn F. Weber5.00

Thomas Condon (concluded)Eugene H. Wyborney
Vol 14 Issue 2Prelude to the Little Big HornRalph H. Herbison, Sr.5.00

Wild Goose Bill and his Ferry (concluded)Eugene H. Wyborney
Vol 14 Issue 3Spokane Silver and BryanLeonard H. Pearson5.00

Chief Traders at Old Fort ColvilleEdward G. Peacock, MD

Prelude to the Little Big Horn (concluded)Ralph H. Herbison, Sr.
Vol 14 Issue 4Blackrobe Buried WhitmansRev. Edwin U. Kowrach5.00

Chief Traders at Old Fort Colville (concluded)Edward G. Peacock, MD
Vol 15 Issue 1The Other Richard BurtonEdwin A. Poole5.00
Vol 15 Issue 2The Great Spokane Fire of 1889Jerome A. Peltier5.00

The Contemporary Cow & How She Came to BeLarry Gill
Vol 15 Issue 3Thomas Teakle: An AppreciationLouis S. Livingston5.00

Here's to Paul BunyanHilton D. King
Vol 15 Issue 4Alas, Poor FarmingtonCharles A. Chandler5.00

True Scholar & Gentleman: Father Lyle DavisRev. Edward J. Kowrach
Vol 16 Issue 1Placer Deposits of Murray, IdahoJulian Marshall5.00

Colville Loved H.O. BairAlbert L. Ayars
Vol 16 Issue 21805-1806 Ecology Was BrutalCecil Hagen5.00

Slavery Was An Old Indian Social EvilJ.P.Dunn.Jr
Vol 16 Issue 3Fred Herrick and Bill GrotteArthur Earl Victor5.00
Vol 16 Issue 4Reminiscences of a HistorianClifford M. Drury5.00
Vol 17 Issue 1May 17, 1858: The Ordeal of the Steptoe Command Randall A. JohnsonRandall A. Johnson5.00

Skid Road Blanket StiffsJohn Segesman
Vol 17 Issue 2Spokane's Interurban EraWilmer A. Siegert5.00

Horse & Buggy Days Had What Ours Do Not SecurityBenjamin H. Kizer
Vol 17 Issue 3The Swauk Mining DistrictJohn P. Thompson5.00

"Ride'em Cowboy".......Or WalkKenneth B. Platt
Vol 17 Issue 4I Touched Harry Tracy's CorpseCharles M. Anderson5.00

Mountain View School & The Historic Region it ServesDr. Eugene H. Wyborney
Vol 18 Issue 1Dry Farming Broke My DadPaul T. DeVore5.00

Center's Birth Was PainfulRowland J. Bond
Vol 18 Issue 2Classic Cars Send MePhilip S. Brooke, Jr.5.00

Bears Bugged Idaho PioneersC. G. (Dick) d'Easum
Vol 18 Issue 3Renogades or AboriginesPaul T. DeVore5.00

Prairie Fun....and Pain, TooRalph N. Herbison Sr.
Vol 18 Issue 4Mullan's 1862 Interstate RoadHarvery Erickson5.00

"Liberated Woman" A Fine Book--------
Vol 19 Issue 1The Uniquitous BulldozerArthur E. Victor5.00

The hacking Now A Lost ArtJohn P. Thompson

Ranald MacDonald Marker Near TorodaJohn P. Thompson

A Post Office For DreamlandRev. A. Martin
Vol 19 Issue 2Right Place at the Right TimeEverett A. Sandburg5.00

His Boyhood Really Rough!George David Thornton

"Seven Alone" Movie Maligns Sagers-------
Vol 19 Issue 3Human Spirit Broke DownGeorge R. Cerveny5.00
Vol 19 Issue 4Harry Orchard, Sinner or Saint?James W. Montgomery5.00

Mine Name Fictional, but Story Isn'tCharles M.Anderson MD
Vol 20 Issue 1Life in Potlatch Was DifferentR. K. Harris5.00
Vol 20 Issue2Inland Empire's First SpaEdward J. Kowrach5.00

The Okanogan-Spokane TrailEugene H. Wyborney
Vol 20 Issue 3Japanese Balloons Bombed WestRandall A. Johnson5.00

Wheat harvest Primitive in 1928Wilmer H.Siegert
Vol 20 Issue4Heliz, Oregon MD LegendaryJames Griswold5.00

West Coast Medicine in 1776Carl P. Schlicke
Vol 21 Issue 11770's Ancestor: A Fur TraderWalter K. Miles5.00

Westerners Score in NorthwestCecil Hagen

Windmills Served Thirsty WestGregory Sanford
Vol 21 Issue 2Early Spokane's 150,000 ClubDr. Edward Hodgson5.00

"Horse Interlude" Superb BookCecil Hagen
Vol 21 Issue 3Snoqualmie Wagon RoadJohn Prentiss Thomson5.00

White Bird without A. BugleC.G. (Dick) d'Easum
Vol 21 Issue 4First Russell Gallery A. SaloonPaul C. DeVore5.00

Rivalry for Modem Capital Was BitterRex A. Martin
Vol 22 Issue 1Buffalo Survival A. Near MiraclePaul C. McGrew5.00

Bandit Also An Autobiographer (Butch Cassidy)Cecil Hagen
Vol 22 Issue 2Partnership Born in Gold RushEverett A. Sandburg 5.00
Vol 22 Issue 3Angel of Mercy for 172 IslandsEugene H. Wyborney5.00
Vol 22 Issue 4Teenage Tenderfoot To GovernorCecil Hagen5.00

Uncle Charlie Was a RailroaderDonald G. Harvey
Vol 23 Issue 1Early Panhandle DoctorDr. Eldred G. Peacock5.00
Vol 23 Issue 2Straight As an Arrow "The Kentuck Trail"Verl G. Kaiser5.00

A Spokane Boyhood....From 1969-1920Seabury M. Blair
Vol 23 Issue 3Pioneer in Reclaiming LandGlady Tjossem Wallace5.00

Wounded Knee.....Battle Or TragedyJulian Marshal & Jerome Peltier
Vol 23 Issue 4Growing Up in the Northwest, Son of an Early RailroaderW. S. Gilbert5.00

An Apache Among the ColvillesDr. Edward R. Hodgson
Vol 24 Issue 1Spokane's Own Watergate... Corruption in the CountyHarvey Erickson5.00

Two Spots Dear to the Heart: Nat park and The FairSeabury M. Blair
Vol 24 Issue 2Higher Education in the Palouse HillsJess Buchanan5.00

No Place Like Home for a ProspectorJohn P. Thompson

University of the PalouseAl Ruddy
Vol 24 Issue 3A Lady Travels Our RegionGlen Adams5.00

Um In Statuary HallCarl P. Schlicke, MD

Mount St. Helens Awakes!John P. Thompson
Vol 24 Issue 4Oh! That the Desert Were My Dwelling PlaceWilliam J. Powell5.00
Vol 25 Issue 1An M.D. Exhumed Dry FarmingCecil Hagen5.00

Did Yu Ever Meet Steam shovel Jim?Wilmer Siegert
Vol 25 Issue 2Liberated WomenCecil Hagen5.00

What's It All About? Spokane CentennialCarl P. Schicke, MD

Fall Guy in Great Fire of 1889Ecerett Sandburg
Vol 25 Issue 3The Magnerite Rush to Stevens CountyJ.E. Buchanan5.00

The Breeding at the Round-Top TRandall A. Johnson
Vol 25 Issue 4How We Hustled Silk to the EastSeabury Blair5.00

Last Call of the Steam Whistle on Rails of Inland EmpireBruce Butler
Vol 26 Issue 1Our Electric RailroadWilliam H. Siegert5.00

Spokane's Last Mail Dispatch By StagecoachJohn P. Thompson
Vol 26 Issue 2Labor Unions in the CdA Mining District 1887-1900Thomas F. Corcoran5.00
Vol 26 Issue 3Robert "Bob" Marshall, Wilderness AdvocatePaul C.. McGrew5.00

Glimpses of Bob Marshall AfieldCharles J. Olsen
Vol 26 Issue 4Daniel Drumheller, Nature's NoblemanDr. Norman Balser5.00

Pine CityElmer F. Baker
Vol 27 issue 1Mating Practices of Early Protestant MissionariesJames W. Montgomery5.00

People, Problems and the Northern Pacific of the 1890's.Alfred B. Butler
Vol 27 Issue 2The Robinson AffairCarl P. Schicke, MD5.00

Did Early Spokane Have A Medical SchoolEdw. R. Hodgson, MD
Vol 27 Issue 3Farragut naval Training Center, 1942-1946Everett A. Sanburg5.00
Vol 27 Issue 4Dell Strahorn: A Pioneer With StyleBarbara Cochran5.00

The Lilac Lady Has A Purple PastRallph P. Edgerton

The Bosses and the BindlestiffsGeorge Young
Vol 28 Issue 1The Golden Era of Bridge BuildingByron Barber, P.E.5.00

Search for White Man's ReligionDr. George Sanford
Vol 28 Issue 2Flat Wheels and Five Cent FaresRandall Johnson5.00

When Wagon Trails Were DimLewis Sabo

Monsters in Hell's Canyon

Martha Balles Wolfe
Vol 28 Issue 3Romeo and Juliet on the Oregon TrailJerome Peltier5.00

Out Where The West BeginsWesley Stout

My First (and Last) Job Herding SheepJoe Ridgley
Vol 28 Issue 4Gray Ghost of the Confederacy: his Spokane ConnectionJoe Ridgley5.00
Vol 29 Issue 1Early Images of SpokaneGlenn Mason5.00

The People's Court- 1898 StyleAlfred Butler
Vol 29 Issue 2My Father's FamilyWayne O. Goodwin5.00

Indian Massacres in Iowa, Minnesota & DakotaJohn Ellingson
Vol 29 Issue 3Form Follows FunctionDon Neraas5.00

The Good Roads manDouglas Olson
Vol 29 Issue 4How It All BeganJerome Peltier5.00

The Old National (Bank) BuildingRichard "Dick" Hoover
Vol 30 Issue 1A Market Place for DreamsNorman Bolker5.00

Standard Stock Exchange----------

A Homesteader RetiresAlexander Joss
Vol 30 Issue 2I Was there, LeslieLouise C. Chesnut5.00

Horse BusinessElmer F. & Byron Barber
Vol 30 Issue 3Milroy and the Council at Kettle FallsJerome Peltier5.00

The Snake River Massacre of 1860Carl P. Schlicke, MD
Vol 30 Issue 4Growing Up In The Good Old DaysAustin Henry5.00

Indian Prairie: Heritage of a Lost ColonyHenry L. Reiniers
Vol 31 Issue 1Conrad Kohrs- Pioneer Montana CattlemanPaul McGrew5.00

The Indians' Side of the StoryKenneth Knoll
Vol 31 Issue 2The Agony of a Western TownJohn Luppert5.00

Seth Woodard, Spokane Valley PioneerJerome Peltier

Wheeling Them over the Rocky MountainSeabury Blair
Vol 31 Issue 3Horsepower in the PalouseDan Codagan5.00

The  Alaskan ColporteurWalter K. Miles
Vol 31 Issue 4 The North Piney ChapterAlfred Butler5.00

Man Against The CorporationWilliam Barr
Vol 32 Issue 1Charles Russell- The ManArthur Irwin5.00

Joshua Welch, The Cheney Chair MakerRobin Bruce
Vol 32 Issue 2How Pioneers Got Their MallGlen Adams5.00

Billy Norman- Former CapitalistJerome Peltier
Vol 32 Issue 3A Schoolmarm's MemoriesKate Williams Roberts5.00

Ellen's Indian Prairie EstateHenry Reimers
Vol 32 Issue 4Conflict At State CreekJohn Wood Spencer5.00

Spokane's Sons of the American RevolutionRalph P. Edgerton
Vol 33 Issue 1When the Plague Hit SpokaneKenneth Knoll5.00

A Young Man Goes WestJerome Peltier

Good Genes and a Bit of LuckNorman Bolker, MD
Vol 33 Issue 2This Lady Rode The RangeJohn Ellingson5.00
Vol 33 Issue 3The Trails and Tribulations of Col. WrightCarl P. Schlicke5.00

Overnight ServiceMilan DeRuwe

Remembrance of Christmases PastGlenn Mason
Vol 33 Issue 4Getting Through The DepressionJerome Peltier5.00

Hometown Boy Makes Good: The Eric Johnston StoryRalph A. Edgerton
Vol 34 Issue 1The Fur Trade Was Equitable in the Far WestJerome Peltier5.00

TimberlodgeArden Jacklin
Vol 34 Issue 2The Humorous King of SpokaneRalph P. Edgerton5.00
Vol 34 Issue 3Issac Steven's Greatest MistakeJerome Peltier5.00
Vol 34 Issue 4Ridgerunner: William Moreland of IdahoEdward O. Weilep5.00

In the Name of ProgressJerome Peltier
Vol 35 Issue 1The Glory Days of the DavenportJohn Luppert 5.00
Vol 35 Issue 2The Train Wreck That Saved LivesAlfred B. Butler5.00
Vol 35 Issue 3The Upper Grand CouleeEugene H. Wyborney5.00
Vol 35 Issue 4Paper Pearls of a Pioneer PublisherRobert A. Clark5.00

Oregon: A Sketch from "Hamlpshire Gazett" 1843

Court of Judge Isaac ParkerJerome Peltier
Vol 36 Issue 1The Contribution of WSU to Victory in WWIIAl Butler5.00

A Motor Trip to Yellowstone 1919Al Butler
Vol 36 Issue 2The CCC: Shaper of DestiniesFrank Knox5.00

Cow Boys, Cow-Boys, CowboysW.I.Robertson
Vol 36 Issue 3The Impossible Takes a Little LongerRandall Johnson5.00

Bull TeamsRalph Miracle
Vol 36 Issue 4Christmas in the Pacific NorthwestJerome Pelltier5.00
Vol 37 Issue 1The County Commissioner's SonHenry Reimers5.00

Readin' RawhideRalph Miracle
Vol 37 Issue 2Helena Montana- 100 Years AgoRalph P. Edgerton5.00
Vol 37 Issue 3The Oregon Trail, Essentials for the EmigrantGlenn Mason5.00
Vol 37 Issue 4Charles Libby & Sons, Spokane PhotographersLarry Schoonover5.00
Vol 38 Issue 1The Spokane Mission: Nine Years of Love and ConflictRobert A. Clark5.00
Vol 38 issue 2Washtucna: Good Water, Good PeopleRandall Johnson5.00
Vol 38 Issue 3More In the Annals of Chester Edwards, DetectiveRalph P Edgerton5.00

M.M. CowleyEleanor Cowley Swett
Vol 38 Issue 4Samuel Belshaw and the Rogue River Wars (1830-1855}Marshall Belshaw Shore5.00
Vol 39 Issue 1Eighty-five Years of Spokane Memories: Recollections of Clarence TesdahlJohn Ellingson5.00
Vol 39 Issue 2The Mullan Road, A Real Northwest PassageRandall A. Johnson5.00
Vol 39 Issue 3John Butler Chapman, The First Washington Lawyer and "Founder" of the Washington Territory.Charles H. Sheldon5.00

History of the USS SpokaneShadle Merchants
Vol 39 Issue 4Random Notes on the Missouri Fur Trade Prior to Lewis and ClarkJerome Peltier5.00
Vol 40 Issue 1Narcissa Whitman [review of Converting the West]Laura Arksey5.00

How to Snorkel For GoldLayne Gellner Spencer
Vol 40 Issue 2Robert Franklin Cummins, The youngest 12 yr. old.

Freighter in Washington TerritoryJerome Peltier

Farmers Federal-Aid 1792Felix Entenmann
Vol 40 Issue 3May Arkwright HuttonJean Oton5.00

Spokane Russians- Then and NowLidya Yanusheva

History of Newman Lake, Indian Lore & Claim JumpersAnn M. Muzzy
Vol 40 Issue 4From Geiger to GloryMarshall B. Shore5.00

Taming the WestJean Oton
Vol 41 Issue 1Gold, Indians, Wyatt Earp and ProstitutesArthur G. Randall5.00

The Pend Oreille River & A Portrait of the LandTony & Suzanne Bamonte
Vol 41 Issue 2Blackrobe Buried WhitmansRev. Edward Kowrack, editor5.00
Vol 41 Issue 3Thundering Mountain and Noah KelloggJerry D. Dolph5.00

Riding The Bomb: Surviving the Insanity of WWIICharles R. Grizzle
Vol 41 Issue 4Mary B. Packingham, WSC's Own Florence NightingaleC. Jas. Quann & Randall Johnson5.00

Echoes of Yesterday- Moving 1385 Indian GravesLou Gibby & Donald Ball

George W. Fuller Brings Carnegie Libraries to SpokaneFrank Peltier
Vol 42 Issue 1Humdrum Life of a HomesteaderJohn Ellingson5.00
Vol 42 Issue 2Interviews with Ernie TrowbridgeJerome Peltier5.00
Vol 43 Issue 1Head Chiefs at Walla Walla Treaty Grounds 1855Jim Hollingsworth5.00

History Repeats Itself: A CommentaryH.D. Smiley
Vol 43 Issue 2Roads, Cars and the Summer of 1918Laura Arksey5.00

List of Auto Owner, Spokane County 1913

Vol 44 Issue 1The Death of Crazy HorseRobert Clark5.00

Kate Williams Roberts 1867-1947James Quann
Vol 44 Issue 2Thomas H. Elsom, Spokane's First Telephone Installer (first Westerner hardcover publication)Dean Ladd5.00
Vol 45 Issue 1Early History of the Dairy Industry in the Inland NorthwestTimothy H. Blosser5.00

The Broadview DairyLee J. Sahlin

The Object of Yur MissionRobert Scheuerman
Vol 45 Issue 2Fire Lookout: A College Boy's Summer 1941John Ellingson5.00
Vol 46 Issue 1Days of Freedom, a Coeur d'Alene boyhoodGeorge E. Wood5.00
Vol 46 Issue 2Gone Forever: The Sheepherding Life of the 1930'sMilan DeRuwe5.00
Vol 47 Issue 1Interpreting History's Artifacts, Records, Trails and Structure in the Nine Mile AreaLynn Frankenthall Wells & Ann Frankenthall5.00
Vol 47 Issue 2The Kalispels of the Pend Oreille RiverSuzanne & Tony Bamonte5.00
Vol 48 Issue 1Blazes of Glory: Biographies of Spokane Military HeroesC. James Quann5.00
Vol 48 Issue 2 Vol 49 Issue 1

Vintage Postcards from Old Spokane (special double hardcover edition)

Duane Broyes & Howard Ness15.00
Vol 49 Issue 2Steamboats and StalagsC. James Quann15.00

Pacific Northwest Articles on HistorylinkLaura Arksey
Vol 50 Issue 1Thomas and Elizabeth TannattDoris J. Woodward15.00

The Sinking of the Titanic: Spokane ConnectionDoris J. Woodward
Vol 50 Issue 2The Permanent Legacy of Expo '74David H. Rodgers15.00
Vol 51 Issue 1The Road to Prohibition and the 1918 Fourth of July Canyon KillingThomas Michael Holmes15.00
Vol 51 Issue 2Spokane's Man of Many Faces: Harper Joy (Special hardcover edition)Doris J. Woodward15.00
Vol 52 Issue 1In No Uncertain Terms: From the Writing of May HuttonLaura Arksey15.00
Vol 52 Issue 2Big Jim: Drilling With DiamondsC. James Quann15.00

The WSU Veterans MemorialC. James Quann
Vol 53 Issue 1Spokane Set In Stone [Selected historical Monuments, Marker and Points of Interest In and Around Spokane]Dick Jensen15.00
Vol 53 Issue 2William H. Cowles and the Spokane-Santa Barbara ConnectionLaura Arksey15.00
Vol 54 Issue 1The Murray Gold Belt of Idaho's Mighty Coeur d'Alenes: Past and potential of a Sleeping giantTony & Suzanne Bamonte15.00
Vol 54 Issue 2The Indomitable Francis H. Cook of Spokane" A Man of VisionDoris J. Woodward15.00
Vol 55 Issue 1Coulee City [Small Town American on the Columbia Plateau]C. James Quann15.00

Abbie Widner [Another Side of Her Story]Doris J. Woodward
Vol 55 Issue 2Spokane Country Early Trails & River Crossings from Journals and Writings of the 1860'sLinda Hackbarth15.00
Vol 56 Issue 1Television Comes To SpokaneDuane Becker15.00
Vol 56 Issue 2The Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882John Soennichsen15.00

Spokane's Old Chinatown: Trent AlleyJim Kershner

The Early Chinese in Spokane; Burial and ReburialDoris J. Woodward
Vol 57 Issue 1Champion & Historic Trees of the Inland NorthwestEdward L. Lester M.D.15.00
Vol 57 Issue 2Unique Among the EliteJames Quann15.00
Vol 58 Issue 1Threads of Decency: Story of Herbert Franklin NiccollsDuane Broyles15.00
Vol 58 Issue 2Patsy Clark, Mining PioneerJohn H. Richards15.00
Vol 59 Issue 1A History of Spokane CollegeJeff Sims15.00

A History of Brunot HallPolly Kaczmarek
Vol 59 Issue 2Eric A. Johnston [Transforming the American Film Industry, 1945-1963]Richard Sola15.00
Vol 60 Issue 1Baxter General Hospital "City of Mercy" 1942-1945Aimee Flinn Nechanicky15.00
Vol 60 Issue 2The Two Mrs. Fassetts : Controversy, Scandal, and Social Change in Early Urban SpokaneRichard Sola15.00
Vol 61  Issue 1The Rev. David BlaineLaura Arksey15.00

From Spokane to the KlondikePolly Kaczmarek

Yakima CanuttJohn C. Ellingson
Vol 61  Issue 2The Life of William H. Lewis David L. Thompson, Sr15.00
Vol 62 Issue 1Seth T. Woodard, Millwood, Washington PioneerRae Anna Victor15.00
Vol 62 Issue 2Arthur J. Stimson: An Amazing & Versatile Spokane ManLynn Fackenthall Stimson Wells15.00
Vol 63 Issue 1My Search for Coastal Russian Treasure & the Maritime Fur TradePeter Wyman15.00
Vol 63 Issue 1The Rise and Fall of Eugene Germond Early Spokane EntrepreneurJeff Sims
Vol 63 Issue 1Remembering Early Spokane BusinessesJeff Sims
Vol 63 Issue 2Spokane Garry: The continuing Case of His Land DisputeDave Beine15.00
Vol 64 Issue 1Jane Timothy Silcott: Her Importance in Finding Gold  & The Beginning of IdahoMary Minton15.00
Vol 64 Issue 2All Roads Lead To Power City: Five Visitors Write About Urbanizing Spokane 1888-1920Richard Sola15.00
Vol 65 Issue 1Man Against Mother Nature: 1910 Fire & Ice Catastrophes In the Pacific NorthwestDuane Broyles15.00