Westerners Spokane CORRAL 


Date 2022TopicSpeaker

Date 2021TopicSpeaker
January 14Colonel Edward Steptoe and the Indian Battles of 1858
Jim Bannister
February 11Ferry County Railroads
Madilane Perry
March 11The German American Society Hall: The Story of Spokane's Oldest Cultural Meeting Place
Megan Duval
April 15Spokane Westerners Anniversary and Show & Tell
May 20Echoes of Yesterday: Relocation of Indian Graves before the Flooding of Kettle Falls
Steve Ball
June 17Newman LakeJayne Singleton
July 15A first-person characterization: Jacco tells the story of David Thompson
​Al Cluck
August 5Picnic for the Westerners
Dick Jensen
September 16Gladys Buroker: Washington State's First Female Pilot
Stan Wills
October 21Archives 101-Holdings and research strategiesLee Pierce
November 18The World of Byron Riblet: Spokane's Forgotten Genius
Garrin Hertel, Ty Brown, Chuck King
December 16Captain George Vancouver in Puget Sound
Robert Heacock
Date 2020TopicSpeaker

January 9

Millwood, Washington: History, People, and Architecture.

Bobbie Beese

February  13

Fairchild Air Force Base Throughout the Years.

Jim O'Connell 

March 12

Wandermere: Legacy on the Little Spokane River

Ty Brown

April 9

Historic Flight Foundation's Journey to Spokane Felts Field  (Cancelled because of the corona virus)

John Sessions

May 14

Early Explorers of the Pacific Northwest - A Long Time Coming (Zoom)

Robert Heacock

June 11

The Importance of Story-Telling to the Enjoyment of History.

Chet Caskey

July 9

Strange Marriage Situations of Early Missionaries

Dick Jensen

August 13

Daughters of the American Revolution,

Rae Anna Victor

September 10

Why Isn't There a Bing Crosby Drive in Spokane?

Bill Stimson

October 8

Historic Flight Foundation's Journey to Spokane Felts Field.

John Sessions

November 12

A Tale of Three Winters: The Very Different Winters of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

Shannon Kelly

December 10

How Science Discovered the Channeled Scablands of Eastern Washington.

Gene Kiver
Date 2019TopicSpeaker
January 17

Escure Ranch

Blue Beads: A Sketch of Spokane House

Preserve Our Trail Heritage

Pete Wyman

Ann Fackenthall

 Ted Bradley

February 21Haunted Hillyard: The History and Folklore of Spokane's Oldest SuburbChet Caskey
March 21Saving our Station (SOS!): The Cheney Depot Restoration ProjectSusan Beeman and Terry Mourning
April 18
Your Name Here: A History of Funerary Gravestones in Spokane
Duane Broyles
May 16Jumping into Fire: Black Army Airborne Firefighters in the Pacific Northwest, 1945
Dr. Robert Bartlett
June  20Let's Be Friends: 60+ Years of Sister Cities in SpokaneMargo Buckles
June 24Yellowstone Trail, Dry Falls, Soap Lake**
Jun 24, Mon; begins 8:00 AM Join historian Don Popejoy as we follow the Yellowstone Trail.  RSVP by Jun. 17.  $75  (509) 747-1335
Dick Jensen (historian Don Popejoy)
July 25Mt. Spokane, Mt. St. Michael & FR. Cataldo**  RSVP by July 18th  $65 (509) 747-1335Dick Jensen (historian Robert Heacock)
August 15Bird Aviation Museum and the Farragut Park and Brig Museum**  RSVP July 18th  $65 (509) 747-1335Dick Jensen
September 19

Lewis and Clark at St. Louis Sept. 19, Thu Sep 26  RSVP by Jul 15, $2370 occ.  $2940 single occ.

(509) 747-1335

Dick Jensen
September 19
History to Mystery: How Spokane's Intriguing History Inspired My Writing
Patricia Meredith
October 17Whodunit? The Continuing case of Spokane Garry
 Dr. David  Beine 
November 14The History of the American Flag, from the Spokane Flag Museum
Stan Wills 
December 12
The Lost Boy of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.
Don Popejoy
Date 2018TopicSpeaker
January 18Spokane's Honor Point Military and Aerospace MuseumElliot Briggs
February 15Adventures of a Yukon Bush Pilot
Larry Whitesitt
March 15Destined for Spokane: The Titanic and the Rice Family 
Logan Camporeale
April 19The 4th U.S. Infantry in Washington Territory
Don McConnell
May 17The Astorians - Vision, and Desperation in the Pacific Northwest
Robert Heacock
June 21The Northwest Room at Spokane Public Library
Riva Dean
July 26Yellowstone Trail Near Spokane with Don PopejoyDick Jensen 
August 30-31Lewis and Clark near LewistonDick Jensen

September 13

Spokane Goes to War: 1917-1918Richard Sola
October 18Saving Salish: A Journey of Language RevitalizationChristopher Parkin and Grahm Wiley-Camacho 
November 15Mildred Bailey, Princess of Rhythm
Garrin Hertel
December 20Sacajawea: What was her real role during the Lewis and Clark Expedition
Don Popejoy
Date 2017TopicSpeaker
January 19The Rusty Dusty: The Wenatchee to Oroville branch of the Great Northern Railway (he will also discuss the Eastern Washington Railroads)John Langlot
February 16The History and future of the Dam-Salmon Issue in the Pacific Northwest.
Sam Mace
March 16The History of the Unitarian Universalist Church in SpokaneDr. Todd Eklof
April 20We Want Water, Mr. President- Harding's 9 Hours in SpokaneRichard Sola
May 18"The History of Religious Activism in the Pacific Northwest" and his recent book "Outsiders in a Promised Land: Religious Activists in Pacific Northwest History" (2015).
Professor Dale Soden
June 15"The Presbyterian Mission to the Nez Perce."
Reverend Tom Sutherland
June 24Wallace Returning to Wallace.   (509) 747-1335   http://www.ietours.net/Dick Jensen
July 20Civilian Conservation Corps in North Idaho.  (509) 747-1335   http://www.ietours.net/
Dick Jensen
September 21 The Daughters if the American Revolution, The Son's of the American Revolution, and The War of 1812 Society.
Stan Wills
October 19Spokane's Shriners Children's Hospital and the History of the Shrine in Spokane.
Ms. Ava Anderson
November 16The Old City and Modern Neighborhood of Hillyard.
John Caskey
December 21The Yellowstone Trail: From Plymouth Rock to Puget Sound. 
Don Popejoy
 Date 2016TopicSpeaker
January 21Stock dogs, Sheep Dogs & Border Collies in Washington.

Tom Cooney

February 18 
Alonzo Victor LewisProf. Don Popejoy
March 17The Gully and its Historical Impact on Downtown SpokaneJeff Sims
April 21The Amazing Strahorns: Railroad Builders and Literary Pioneers of Washington.Chet Caskey
May 26The Coastal Search for A Russian TreasurePeter Wyman
June 16Lifestyles of the Spokane Indians.
Sheriff Dick Jensen
July 21Molly B' Damn, Crystal Gold Mine, Kellogg Staff Museum, Mining Ghost Towns. (call 509-747-1335)Dick Jensen
August 27Caribou Trail   (call 509- 747-1335 for reservations)Ron Anglin
September 15 Prohibition for the Other Guy, Not for Me: Dry Spokane and the Symbolism of Temperance
Ned Fadeley
October 20Desert of Wheat:  Zane Grey in the Inland EmpireRichard Sola
November 17
History of the Spokane Fire department & Some Interesting Fire Stations
Caitlin Shain
December 15
Stephanie Plowman, Archivist for Gonzaga University, “The Bing Crosby Collection & Other Interesting Collections of the University”
Stephanie Plowman
Date 2015TopicSpeaker
January 15
The Story of George Washington Bush and his impact on the Pacific Northwest.
Stan Wills
February 19Spokane Goes to Hollywood: How a Detective, a Poet and a Businessman, changed the movies (1915-1963)
Richard Sola
March 19Not Forgotten: Bringing a Spokane Soldier Back Home.
  Dave Reynolds
April 16
The Pony Express Association & Trail. 
Dale Ryan
May 21Professor Larry Cebula will be speaking about the website Spokanehistorical.org     
Professor Larry Cebula
June 18Wind Hard From the West, The Lewis and Clark Expedition on the Snake and Columbia Rivers.  
Robert Heacock
July 23Lewis & Clark's "Forgotten Trail" with Robert Heacock (Part I) Inland Empire Tours  Contact (509) 747-1335  Dick Jensen
Dick Jensen
August 29 Old Colville Military Road, Indian Agency Home, and the Kalispel People. Inland Empire Tours Contact  (509) 747-1335  Dick Jensen
Dick Jensen
September 17September 17th Fanning the Flames of Discontent and the Spokane Free Speech Fight.
Dale Raugust
September 18th Lewis & Clark's "Forgotten Trail with Robert Heacock (Part 2) Inland Empire Tours Contact (509)747-1335  Dick Jensen
Robert Heacock
October 15Ghosts in the Book Stacks: three generations publishing on the West

Robert A. Clark
November 19November 19th The Japanese in Spokane During WWII     Anne Harbine
Anne Harbine
December 17Garrin Hertel & The Hot Club "Nostalgia Magazine and a Memorial to Bing Crosby & Mildred Garrin Hertel
Date 2014TopicSpeaker
January 16Death Valley Revisited.John Soennichsen
February 20Natural Photography - The Difference Between Looking and Really Seeing.Ken Hires
March 20Fred Timm's Stagecoach Station 1890'sStan Wills
April 17This Day in HistoryJim Kershner
May 15Noteworthy Guns of WashingtonLee Kershner
June 19A Chronicle of Spokane's Former Girls' School Brunot HallPolly Kaczmarek
July 31The Patsy Clark Gold Mine in Republic" tour guide Sue Walker. Call Inland Empire Tours (509) 747-1335Dick Jensen
August 21Lincoln and Spokane County Ghost Towns: tour guide John Caskey.  Call Inland Empire Tours (509)747-1335Dick Jensen
September 18May Arkwright-HuttonKay Lester
October 18Artifacts of Mining HistoryBob Weldin
November 20The Two Mrs. Fassetts: Zitella Fassett-Social Activist, Lillian Fassett-Active Socialite 1890-1935Richard Sola
December 18Spokane Founders Day Celebration with the Evergreen SchoolJohn Caskey
Date 2013TopicSpeaker
January 17Can You See History? A historical slide show of the NorthwestPete Wyman
February 21Arcadia Orchards 1910Peter Coffin
March 21State B Basketball HistoryJim Stinson
April 18The Pioneer Picnic GroundsStan Wills
May 16Patrick Francis "Patsy" Clark-Mining PioneerJohn Richards
June 18Honor FlightsSue Walker
July 18Inland Empire Tours: Bird Aviation and Invention museum, Quest Kodiak Aircraft Manufacturing Plant.  Call (509) 747-1355Dick Jensen 
August 8Inland Empire Tours: Caribou Trail, White Bluffs, Ice Age Floods Geography with Jack Nisbet.  Call (509)747-1355Dick Jensen Jack Nisbet
September 19Treadwell GoldSheila Kelly
October 17The Woman's Club of Spokane and its history- Women's Rosemary Small
November 21Threads of decency- The Story of Herbert Franklin NiccollsDuane Broyles
December 19Good Bye to Kettle Falls- an original film of the Ceremony of TearsMaggie Crabtree
Date 2012TopicSpeaker
January 19Masonic TempleCarlton Oakes
February 16Naughty, Nutty, and NiceDuane Broyles
March 15Mary WalkerKitty Johnson
April 19Music of the Mullen RoadPatricia Chambers
May 17Pend'Oreille City -a 1860s route to find gold.Linda Hackbarth
June 21The Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882John Soennichsen
July 12Follow the Old Fur Trading Trails From Spokane To Kullyspell House With Jack Nisbet  (Day Trip) call (509) 747-1335
Dick Jensen
August 16Explore the Palouse-Rockford, Fairfield, Rosalia, Spangle with Historian Glenn Lietz  (Day Trip) call (509)747-1335
Dick Jensen
September 20Cemeteries of SpokaneJohn Caskey
October 18Unique Amon The EliteJames Quann
November 15Lewis & Clark's "A Good Road".Don Popejoy
December 20A Pioneer Tale of the Trail: the Letters of Flora McCrearyJohn Ellingson
Date 2011TopicSpeaker
January 20Bing CrosbyDr. William Stimson
February 17Flags of the 19th Century American West ExpansionJohn Caskey
March 17From Houghton to Hutton: Spokane Women seeking the vote, 1890-1910Dr. Nancy Driscol Englee
April 21The Daughter's Walk- Clara Estby and Marie DorionJane Kirkpatrick
May 19Yellowstone and the Pacific NorthwestDr. Harold Picton
June 16By Honor and Right: How One Man Boldly Defined the Destiny of a nation.John C. Jackson
July 21Exploring the David Thompson & David Douglas trails with Jack Nisbet (call Inland Empire Tours (509) 747-1335 for reservations)
Dick Jensen
July 30-31Whitman Mission, two Walla Walla Living History Impersonators, Wine Tasting, on a two-day trip. (call Inland Empire Tours (509) 747-1335 for reservations)
Dick Jensen
September 15Indian Women as Culture BrokersRebecca jager P.H.D.
October 20Urban Trees and the history of Spokane ParksDr. Ed Lester
November 17The Mullan Military Road Through SpokaneDon Popejoy
December 15Carl Maxey: A Fighting LifeJim Kershner