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American Antiquarian Society 
Beinecke LibraryAttn: Technical Services
Braun Library
Inst Study of Amer West
BYU Harold B. Lee LIB
Serials Section-Ess
Cornell University 
E-Resources and Serials
Denver Public Library 
Western History Dept
Eastern Washington Univ
Ebsco Publishing 

Gonzaga University Library
Acquisitions Dept
Harvard College Library
Serials SVCS -Widener 190
The Huntington Library 
Acquisitions Dept /HREF/
Knight Library 
Acquisitions Dept / Serials
Lakewood Library 

Missouri History Museum 
MSU Bozeman
Libraries MSU Bozeman
Multnomah County Library

New York Public Library
Periodicals Division (Rm 108)
Newberry Library 
Serials Department
North Idaho College 
Molstead Library
Oregon State University
Serials Acquisitions
Oregon State Library 
Serials Section
Princeton University Library 
ACQ Div-Periodicals
Periodical Dept.
San Francisco Public Library 
Seattle Public Library
Serials Division
Southern Methodist University
SMU CUL DEG Periodicals
Spokane Falls Community College 
Library MS 3020
Spokane Public Library 
Periodicals Checkin
Valley Library

Spokesman Review 

University of California
Serials Records Sec University Lib
University of California LIB
Bancroft Acquisition Unit
University of Idaho Library 
Serials-Periodicals Dept
University of Montana
Mansfield Lib-Serials
University of California LIB
Serial Records Sec-Univ Lib
University of WA Libraries
Washington State Library 
WA Sate Univ Libraries
Holland Serial Rec-EBS
Western Oregon University
Serials Librarian
Westerners International