Saving Salish: A Journey of Language Revitalization

Grahm Wiley-Camacho 

Est. 1955

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October 18, 2018,
Christopher Parkin and Grahm Wiley-Camacho will share their experiences as leaders of the movement to preserve and revitalize Southern Interior languages, including the founding of Salish School of Spokane by their family. The presentation will include information on the geography and history of Salish people, their language and culture, as well as features of indigenous language revitalization movements and the local work being done to learn, teach and revitalize the Salish languages of the Inland Pacific Northwest.

Christopher is the Principal of Salish School of Spokane, the only full-time, off-reservation Native American immersion language school in the continental US.  Salish School of Spokane currently provides childcare, preschool, elementary school, and adult language training for families in the City of Spokane. Chris holds undergraduate degrees in Spanish and Social Studies Education from Eastern Washington University. He is an advanced apprentice speaker of N̓səl̓xcin̓ (Colville-Okanagan Salish) and is fluent in Spanish. Chris is a leading expert in Salish language revitalization and curriculum development and is the designer and co-author of the materials that make up the N̓səl̓xcin Curriculum Project. He is also the lead designer of the Qlispélixʷcn̓ Curriculum Project, a project sponsored by the Kalispel Tribe Culture Department that is based upon his work with N̓səl̓xcin̓. Chris only speaks n̓səl̓xcin̓ with his five grandchildren, and he lives in Spokane, Washington with his wife, LaRae Wiley, a Colville tribal member and the founder of Salish School of Spokane.

Grahm Wiley-Camacho is an advanced apprentice speaker of n̓səl̓xcin̓ and has been working with his mentor Sarah Peterson for the past dozen years. Grahm is sn̓ʕay̓ckstx (Arrow Lakes Band of the Colville Tribe). He is the son of LaRae Wiley and Christopher Parkin. He currently works as the lead teacher in the lower elementary classroom at Salish School of Spokane.  Grahm has a BA from The Evergreen State College and an MEd from Harvard Graduate School of 
Education. He lives in Spokane with his wife, two daughters and cat. When he is not working  you can find him under training for various foot races or with his nose in a book. Grahm is proud to teach and parent in Salish and his goal is to encourage other language learners to turn off  English and use their heritage language instead.

Please join us at the Airport Holiday Inn, 1616 S. Windsor Drive Spokane, Washington 99224.  Contact Pat Holien by October 15th, for reservations.  Pat's email is and phone number is 509-951-2090

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Christopher Parkin

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