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The purpose of the Westerners Spokane Corral is to bring together in warm fellowship men and women who have a common interest in Pacific Northwest history. The Westerners meets the third Thursday of every month, except July and August. Westerners encourage historical research,  popularize western lore , history through publication, awards and preservation of archival records, documents and other evidence of the Pacific Northwest.

​ Call Sheriff  Dick Jensen (509) 747-1335. Send mail to:  The Westerners Spokane, P.O. Box 1717, Spokane, WA 99210 for more information.  We meet the third Thursday of every month, except July and August.  Meeting time is 5:30PM for dinner and 7:00PM for the speaker at the Airport Holiday Inn, 1616 South Windsor Drive, Spokane.


The Westerner's meeting for the month of September, has been moved from the 3rd Thursday to the 2nd Thursday, which is September 13th.  It will still be at the same Holiday Inn location and at the same time.  Please spread the news.


Sharing PACIFIC Northwest HISTORY

September 13, 2018,  Richard Sola will present “Spokane Goes to War: 1917-1918” at the September 13th 2018 Westerners meeting. Daily life changed dramatically when the U.S. entered World War I in 1917. Spokane and the Inland Empire produced essential wheat, timber, and minerals for the war effort. And everyone was expected to be 100% American by supporting the war effort unconditionally and enthusiastically. Women entered the workplace. Men joined the military, either voluntarily or by universal draft. Rationing was put in place. Even children were expected to do their part by raising food. Residents were expected to inform on neighbors who might be less than 100% loyal. War opponents were jailed and “enemy aliens” were shipped off to internment camps.

A Washington native, Richard is a frequent lecturer at local colleges, universities, and community organizations.  He is currently an instructor in the ACT 2 Program through Spokane Falls Community Colleges, teaching classes that explore Spokane’s dynamic social, cultural, and political history as it grew from a small Western town into a major U.S. city between 1890 and 1920. In addition to teaching and lecturing, Richard writes about Eastern Washington history. His three-part series entitled “Jazz Comes to Spokane 1914 – 1920” is currently being published in Nostalgia Magazine.

Richard graduated with a B.A. with honors in history from the University of California, San Diego (U.C.S.D.) with secondary areas of concentration in visual arts (primarily film) and political science.

​Please join us at the Airport Holiday Inn, 1616 S Windsor Drive Spokane, Washington 99224. Contact Pat Holien by September 10th, for reservations. Pat's email is patholien@comcast.net and
phone number is 509-951-2090

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