At our December 12th meeting, Don Popejoy will follow the life of Jean Baptiste Charbonneau, the son of Sacagawea, from his birth on Feb. 11, 1805 until his death in 1866 at the age of 61. Little Pomp had an amazing life, such as traveling throughout Europe, beginning at the age of 18, then wandering throughout the west in the vanguard of Manifest Destiny.

Don Popejoy was born and raised in Spokane, Washington, and graduated from Eastern Washington University in 1973, with a major in American History and Pacific Northwest History.  In addition to volunteering with several historical entities, Don organized a Mullan Road convention in 2000, introducing it as an important road in connection with the Oregon Trail migrations and settlement of the region, and in 2008 organized a year-long event to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the 1858 Spokane and Coeur d'Alene Indian Wars in Eastern Washington.

Don has been leading and develping tours around the country for Elderhostel/Road Scholar since 1999.  He has been working with several small cruise ship companies since 2001 and is currently with the small-ship cruise lines, Un-Cruise and National Geographic Lindblad, teaching the history of the Columbia and Snake River watershed.  Don also leads many private tours around the country.

Since 2004, Don has been teaching American and European history, along with Geology, Climate Change , the Ice Age Floods, Music history, and Shakespeare at Spokane Falls Community College in the Act Two program as professor of History.  He  co-authored "Early Spokane: 1800-1945" with Penny Hutten, and also co-authored a book on the Mullan Road, "The Mullan Road: Carving a Passage through the Frontier Northwest 1859-1862."

Don's latest books are "The Columbia River Connection: The Lewis and Clark Expedition and the Oregon Trail," volumes one and two;; the third book in the series will be finished in 2018.  Don also is working on a book project with the Yellowstone Trail Association as a contributing author of "The Yellowstone Trail: From Plymouth Rock to Puget Sound" and is drafting two new books on the Ice Age Floods, "Thank You Glacial Lake Missoula; The Reasons why the Pacific Northwest is so Productive, " and "The Flood-Geologists Before J. Harlan Bretz."

We hope to see you Thursday Dec. 12th at the new location of 9211 E. Montgomery Ave. in the Argonne Village.  Please call

Penny Hutten at 509-276-0135 if you have any questions.

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Westerners Spokane CORRAL 

The purpose of the Westerners Spokane Corral is to bring together in warm fellowship men and women who have a common interest in Pacific Northwest history. The Westerners meets the third Thursday of every month, except July and August. Westerners encourage historical research,  popularize western lore , history through publication, awards and preservation of archival records, documents and other evidence of the Pacific Northwest.

​ Call Sheriff  Dick Jensen (509) 747-1335. Send mail to:  The Westerners Spokane, P.O. Box 1717, Spokane, WA 99210 for more information.  We meet the second Thursday of every month, except July and August.  Meeting time is 5:30PM for dinner and 7:00PM for the speaker at the Timber Creek Buffet, 9211 E. Montgomery Ave, Spokane.

Upper images are courtesy of the Northwest Room.  The image to the left is courtesy of Don Popejoy. The image above is courtesy of the Nostalgia Magazine Collection. 

  ***** ATTENTION *****

The Westerner Spokane Corral will no longer meet at the Holiday Inn.  Our new location is Timber Creek Buffet, 9211 E. Montgomery  Ave. at the corner of Montgomery  and Argonne. In the Argonne Village.  The Timber Buffet will cost under  $15 for dinner,  good food, everyone can even have steaks, huge salad bar, a dessert bar, and many food entrees.  It has a 140 person meeting room, AV equipment is free, we can rearrange the tables, easy and plentiful parking, easy to get to from all directions, relatively central located, and we don't have to provide an exact count of people attending before hand. The only hitch is that the 3rd Thursday of the month is already taken by a group.  So we decided to hold the Nov 2019 meeting on the 2nd Thursday, Dec. 12, 2019 (a week early).  Join us at 5:30 P.M. for dinner with the speaker starting at 7 P.M.  Some people may not be able to make the new date but no matter what date we would need to change to, some people would have conflicts. Please call Penny Hutten at (509)276-0135 if you have any questions.

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